Food Security

Understanding Demographics

Paired with each photo of a property is a snapshot of specific demographics: Pct. Minority Population, Pct. Low Income Population, Pct. Linguistically Isolated, Pct. with Less than a High School Diploma, and Pct. Under Age 5 and Over Age 64. Most of these snapshots incorporate the properties themselves along with a surrounding block radius. This captures an understanding what people and their lives are like around each property. 


This map is a visual assistant to help understand the food issues facing each property. A food desert in an urban area is defined as having no fresh food access within half of a mile. Many of the properties do not have walk-able access to a grocery store. Some of them do however, and by understanding the demographics of the space surrounding the properties I have attached from the EPA Social Justice Screening tool, the divides, both social and economic facing the city are apparent. Many injustices facing people are related to food. If children do not have access to healthy food, they struggle developmentally. If adults cannot get energy they need from food, they can never perform their best at their jobs or for their family. Food insecurity is a vicious cycle, and this map is meant to show the relation between each property and its food access.

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